23 May 2015

Najib is ready to be replaced, but not by his disloyal mate

At last Muhyiddin is saying it. All board members of 1MDB should be sacked and call in the police to investigate all the goings-on in 1MDB. The closed-door meeting with quite a number of UMNO leaders was videotaped and the video is going on viral in the social media presently.

To many observers it is a strong signal from him that he is not with Najib anymore and we do not know how to reconcile with the decision made in UMNO supreme Council meeting two weeks ago that wanted Najib, Muhyiddin and the rest of the supreme council members to unite and move forward with the agenda to transform the nation in a team. The council meeting agreed to the notion that people outside UMNO are trying to split the leadership lineup.

However in the closed door meeting Muhyiddin in the open wants the whole bunch of board members of 1MDB to be sacked and call in the police to investigate. Well, it’s good to say that but the question is why that kind of statement came out too late when 1MDB is already devastated and damaged? Calling for the board members to be sacked could mean to include the advisor of the devastated company that is Najib himself.

Nonetheless we have to come to term that Muhyiddin statement was part of the movements in UMNO to oust Najib as the party president and the head of Malaysian government. Of course it is also the gracious move to put Muhyiddin as replacement for Najib. Muhyiddin says he stands by his words and something has got to be done to put 1MDB issue to bed.

By the words of Muhyiddin in the closed door meeting, we can simply deduce that the non-existence of accountability in our leadership these days. 1MDB issue is the issue against the whole Cabinet because it’s the government that decided to form 1MDB and decision was cabinet decision.

Muhyiddin and the rest should have quitted the Cabinet if he had been in disagreement on how 1MDB was managed by Najib and the whole board members of the MOF company by guarantee. But he was not ready to quit the job and to leave the glamorous job in the Cabinet but instead he severally decided to approve the RM950 million standby credit for the ailing 1MDB. Wasn't that a irresponsible act?

If Muhyiddin and the rest of the Cabinet were smart as he claims in the video the Cabinet should have mitigated the issues surrounding the Cabinet approved company 1MDB years ago before turning too sour like today. By keeping quiet and allowing the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister to do anything without hindrances is very irresponsible on the part of the Cabinet.

Muhyiddin is like distancing himself from Najib and it is an act of disowning accountability on the devastated 1MDB. It’s very discriminating act to lump all burdens and accountability on Najib alone. Each and everyone in the Cabinet should be severally accountable over the 1MDB issues. If Najib goes all should go together with him.

We ought to resign to the fact Najib had made erroneous decisions because of the weak and clueless Cabinet members. The other bigger problem is the Cabinet members do not understand to appreciate the spirit of accountability. This is a very huge disappointment of the rakyat towards the Cabinet members. 

Najib should now realize that he is at the verge of licking his wounds alone without anyone in the Cabinet to support him like the way they used to apple-polish him before 1MDB issue surfaces. Muhyiddin and many Cabinet members are now finding excuses to place Najib in isolation. They are moving against Najib with the absence of decorum and ethics.

Surely one of the turn coats is desirous to replace Najib who subsequently would put our nation in perpetual jeopardy. Business will be as usual. We will be going for roadshows again and again unendingly as long as the replacement is from leaders within the same mold and frame.

20 May 2015

Forbid Najib to continue leading us

Najib is now the busiest Prime Minister of all time, not to govern the country but to ensure he retains his current position as the head of this corrupt government. He is too busy defending himself ever since the rakyat uncovered all his pranks and they are not trusting him any longer. The most serious disease of the PM is the crisis of confidence the worst faced by any Prime Minister of the country. He has serious and believability problems which he is unable to mitigate, however hard he attempts. 

Malaysians are not paying attention to him any longer. He is perceived to be a compulsive liar and he is now wasting his time trying to retrieve his lost reliability. He is now portrayed as a man who does not have any truth in every word he utters. Telling lies is his full time duty and he is unable to get back even a slight of trust that he had lost totally.  Lies and Najib are now synonymous.

Najib had not answered anything to questions posed by Dr Mahathir and many others down here. When asked who instructed Sirul to kill Altantuya he gave a very evasive answer by saying that he was not involved with the murder.

He has been with his ‘cock and bull’ stories in avoiding the questions posed on him. 1MDB is owing RM42 billion and when asked where was the money that was retrieved from Cayman Island hidden, but he came up with another big  lie by telling us that the money was parked in a Bank In Singapore. Before long we found out that the money was not there.

Najib can never answer issues against 1MDB as there are elements of looting and stealing money from 1MDB. As I have said many times earlier that 1MDB looks like a SPV (special purpose vehicle) company used to siphon out money for certain people and this company was set up with this intention right from the first day of its inception.  

Instead of giving simple and direct answer Najib chooses to attack Dr Mahathir to deviate our attention to questions posed by Dr Mahathir on him. He plays personal sentimentalities by reminiscing and recalling the time when he (Najib) used to save Mahathir from heinous defeat in the hands of Tengku Razaleigh in the ’87 battle in UMNO. He is now using every possible mean to tell the generation that Mahathir is not grateful to him for not returning his favor when he is in misfortune.

To Najib Mahathir must return his favor at all costs even to the extent of allowing him to plunder and to mismanage the resources of this rich nation that he has milked dry. Najib wants Dr Mahathir to clap his hands when the PM buys a jet liner bought by the government for him and his wife and family members to use while the country is in overly indebted situation.

Najib wants Mahathir and everyone else to consent him telling bunch of lies in Parliament by admitting that he keeps the money in Singapore for the purpose of circumventing BNM’s interferences in the money movements. In the end we found that the money was not even there. So where is the money?

Hence the ousting of Najib from the leadership of this country is truly a noble purpose. In fact it is sinful to keep on permitting Najib to stay on as the PM even though the effort to oust him can be tougher than ousting the colonial masters before we achieved the independence.

Let’s forbid Najib and his platoons to inebriate the country into deeper and harmful complications. Please protect our country from these bunch of perilous felons.

19 May 2015

Just waiting for the forum to find a people's PM

I am in the opinion that the system of selecting and appointing the Prime Minister that we practice presently is out-dated as it creates more harm than good. Najib claims that he is elected to the position by the rakyat but that is fallaciously mythical.

Constitutionally Prime Minister should be appointed by Parliament. Whoever enjoys the support of the majority Parliament should be the Prime Minister. The majority could be a simple majority to make one of the elected representatives to be the head of the government. Hence Najib like the previous PMs of the country were elected by few thousands delegates in UMNO annual general meetings. The members of other component parties do not have the say in determining who should be the PM.

The delegate system of UMNO in determining who to be the PM is ridiculously irrelevant especially when party is now burdened with irresponsible and deluded mind leaders especially at the top stratum of the party. UMNO is suffering from the huge vacuum in leadership as such that anyone who is elected to lead UMNO is inevitably incongruous to lead the nation.

It has been proven that the last two PMs were not eligible and decent enough to lead the country as the PM. UMNO has had vacuum in the leadership as the leader of UMNO had not focused on leadership development since 3 decades ago. As I have said many times no one in the UMNO Supreme Council is fit to assume the country’s leadership while we are in anxious need to have a new PM to save the country.

Now this blog is very captivated to find that at long last there are strong voices concur with this blog that we need a PM for the people irrespective of all races and ethnicity. We want the people to find a new PM, not just the proposal and names from UMNO and BN. Zaid Ibrahim seems to be very vocal on this issue and his effort to assemble the thinking and the real voice of the people in a forum on the 23rd May should be responded with enthrallment from all walks of life.

The forum as Zaid has politely ascertained, will choose none other than Tengku Razaleigh as the alternative to Najib to lead the country and he is an UMNO man and Malay. Hence there is no reason for UMNO leaders not to support the move as the choice will enhance UMNO itself. Since UMNO is unable to find its own leader, let us find one for them.

Let us be rest assured that the predicted choice of the forum is the best leader for Malaysian yet to emerge. The fascinations among the ordinary people are building up since hearing that the forum will be organized as a serious memo to the nation.

We need a new and fresh government badly, nothing less.

16 May 2015

Najib's instantaneous retirement an irreplaceable gift for the rakyat

We know with certainty that Najib’s claim that he still enjoys the support of the people is not true and all those facets and facades are made-ups.  The four thousand crowds in Tawau were inflated to forty thousand and that four thousand were mostly Indonesian workers who work in the plantations around Tawau.

The MP for Kalabakan apparently was provided with financial support to assemble as many people as possible to stand in front of PM Najib to clap and to scream for support after every word that came out of Najib’s mouth. The support was faked and stage-managed for the purpose of media publicity. Those who came for the rally were paid and of course the money originated from Putrajaya.

Way back in Kuala Lumpur Najib was ‘forcing’ the Cabinet members and the opportunistic MPs to be with him to impress the public that he enjoys the support of the people. Initially Muhyiddin was seen to advance away from Najib and was ready to lead many Cabinet Ministers to jump off from the PM’s sinking ship but was chickened out after the four-eyed meeting with the distressed PM before the Supreme Council meeting few days ago.

What transpired and transacted between them in their four-eyed discussions are somewhat easy to guess. Muhyiddin is in no exception in committing falters and offences to the people and the nation. He too is carrying baggage heavy enough to take any addition of burden with him. Thus Muhyiddin has no other choice but to swim and float with the flow like a dead fish.

As an adage goes, the good is for the good while the bad will go for the bad. That is what the actual reason for Muhyiddin to chick out and so do the rest of the confused leaders with him. As I have mentioned in my last few postings the divide now is between the rakyat irrespective of race, religion and their political inclinations against the ruling leaders in particular Najib.

All Kit Siangs and Hadis as well as Anwars and disillusioned Malays, Kadazans, Dayaks and others are all out to show an exit door to Najib. Najib should take this opportunity to live in repentance ever after.

Every ordinary man and woman wants Najib to go if possible instantaneously. Najib’s retirement is the most irreplaceable gift for each and every Malaysian.

How not to be? His immediate retirement can be of help for the country to reborn as a new and vibrant nation led by an astute and exemplary technocrat. Don't you agree with me that this is a great contribution that Najib can offer to the nation?